Easily-digestible insights

See how users use your mobile app prototypes, what navigation paths they take, and how they accomplish tasks. Find out what they really think about your app concept, design and interface.

Real rapid prototyping

Create realistic mockups that will run on any device in minutes. Easily add hot spots, gestures, in-app surveys and tasks. Compatible with all prototyping tools, such as Axure and Balsamiq.

Is intuito for me?

If you're a UX or product expert designing, testing, or enhancing business mobile apps, then intuito is for you. It is the only tool that gathers rich structured feedback from real users and presents it in context. With intuito you know your apps are right for your customers.


Don't take our word for it...

Look who has been using intuito already

"intuito will play a key role in our mobile product strategy in 2013."

Ronen Schwartz

VP Products B2B Data Exchange, VP marketing Ultra Messaging at Informatica

"intuito enables me to easily create mobile prototypes and collect insights and feedback from internal and external testers. It is like my morning coffee, I can't function without it."

Davis Lee

Creative Director, Marketo

"intuito is playing a key role in our mobile analytics strategy."

Ali Tore

Co-founder & Vice President of Analytics Model-N

"The intuito service has allowed me to turn prototypes around in days rather than weeks or months. Great stuff!"

Bruce Sharpe

Executive Director of Enterprise Architecture and Planning

"intuito improves UX speed and quality, helps refine and define the product scope and removes significant risk of going to market with the wrongs functional scope. My design teams have used it with great success"

Daniel Rosenberg

Former head of Global UX for SAP, Oracle and Borland

"We are using intuito to validate new product ideas and better communicate them within our team and with our ecosystem. The insights intuito provides us are very clear and powerful, and we are using them in our strategic planning and during our product development cycles."

Thomas Ryd

CEO, CFEngine