Creating prototypes using intuito is simple.

All you need to use are  the tools you are already using like Power Point,Keynote, Photoshop etc.

Simply create the screens of the application, similar to a ‘state machine’ or a ‘storyboard’- to simulate all interaction options you would like to offer the tester.

We have gathered a set of mobile application templates that can help you create low-to high fidelity screens. If you have any questions, contact us.

We recommend you use

Or use one of these options.

iOS Android BlackBerry Windows
PowerPoint mockAppkeynotopia keynotopia keynotopia
Keynote mockAppkeynotopia keynotopia keynotopia
Visio bestuipsd smackerel,ontruenorth
Omnigraffle graffletopia (iPhone), graffletopia (iPad) smackerel
Photoshop teehanlax320480 techietalkzmatcheckbestuipsd
illustrator teehanlax

Want even more templates? Click here

(Using other templates? Share with us)


1) Create screen images to fit the main device you are planning to use for the study.
2) Keep image file sizes small as possible – for best results, export images as JPG, PNG-8 or PNG-24